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What are your pets' names?


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We have a chocolate lab named Ginger. Most of the time we call her Spaz because her eyes are always dilated and she can't sit still. We also call her "the special needs dog" due to her allergies that make her bite and scratch all her hair out and causes us to have to special order food for her

We have a yellow lab, named Ginger, aka Gingee, bad dog, good dog, good girl...depending, of course, on what she is doing at the time. She's 95+ lbs, a big-boned gal.

I had a friend in High School who named her cats after the Peanuts characters. There were quite a few of them, too. Charlie Brown, Lucy, Linus, PigPen, Schroeder, Sally, Peppermint Patty... :lol: .

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I currently have 6 cats, 2 inside and 4 outside. All of them born here or just appeared.

The 2 kittens inside were most likely dropped off here by someone and I placed them with HPPL so I am the foster home. But I am totally in love with them and secretly want to keep them. They are Tammy, nickname: Buttercup, and Toby, nickname: Meatball. I also call them Sweetness and Wildness. I take them to Petco every Sat. for adoption day.

Outside I have Jackie, born on my patio to a feral mom I called Mitzi. Her nickname was Little Jack Panda because I thought she was a male at first. Also had her littermates for awhile: Trixie, who I gave to a neighbor, and Twinkie, like the pale yellow snack cake, who was found killed by a dog.

Then there is Buster, who "busted in" on the feral mom and kittens staying on my patio and started staying here instead of next door where he started out. He just showed up there one day and that neighbor was good enough to have him fixed. He is very attached to me and very insecure around strangers and noises.

Then there is Kiki, Jackie's older sister, who started out being called Freckles because of her spotted nose. She was my first baby and will still occasionally sit on my lap. And recently another one showed up here, probably about 3 yrs. old and I call her Cookie as in "one tough cookie". She holds her own as the new kid in the yard and one of her eyes is damaged from some previous encounter. Thankfully all are fixed and I'm hoping no more show up. Its been a real experience for me as a person who didn't even like cats about 3 years ago before all this started.

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