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i work with a couple of people in the military who told me that the govt pays something on the order of $20/meal. they said they don't eat them unless they have to because they are designed to make you somewhat constipated so that you're not looking for a restroom on the battlefield.

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You can also mail order them through a number of outfits, just google it.

Lol, musicman, I've not heard the constipation thing, but, you'll pack on the pounds eating them with any regularity. Rember they're designed to be fuel for perfectly fit soldiers carrying 85 pounds of gear all day. One bag provides a few thousand calories. When they were introduced in the 80s to replace the old C rations, my boyfriend (natl guard) appropriated a box of them. We lived on them the way most college students do ramen. The squeeze cheese and chicken ala king are tops!

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