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houston Museum District - Open for Business

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We went to the Houston Museum of Natural Science to see the Body Worlds 2 exhibit today. It's fantastic but I couldn't take any photos. However, I got in some shots of the main exhibit area. There were visitors but not as many as usual. On the drive to the Museum from West Houston (our first venture out of our area since Ike) we saw that Houston looked pretty good from the highways. The museum district and Memorial park area was looking good. Everything also looked pretty good on the drive back down Montrose to Westheimer and on the way to Adobe Cafe for lunch. The Adobe was packed. In fact that was our second choice for lunch; our first choice was Chuey's, but that was super packed. Other than a few trees and branches down, the parts of Houston we passed was getting back to business.

Here're some shots from todays visit to the HMNS:







For those who haven't been here yet, they have an exhibit of stones and gems that's just fantastic:






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"Houston: The Virtual Experience Presented by HAIF"

Seriously, the HAIF is like having Houston in your home, although the minerals are a lot stunning when you look at them in person. Does anyone remember the early 2004 chocolate exhibit? That looked awesome, though I didn't go in.

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