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Ike: Hurricane Ike Photos


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I live in Southern Trails in west Pearland, about 1 mile west of Hwy 288 at 518. This is just south of Shadow Creek Ranch. We did have some wind damage but since we are a young subdivision our trees are relatively small, so we didn't have to worry about trees falling on houses and cars. In fact, we are rather lucky in that we are among the first 112,000 centerpoint customers to get the electricity turned back on.

Nevertheless, not all of us here were lucky. Here are some photos I took yesterday. The first one shows a porto-potty and street sign that blew south for 2 blocks. The second one is what Ike did to the two tall flagpoles we have at the entrance to our subdivision.



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Wow. I wonder what the rest of Pearland looks like. Especially the Pearland Town Center.

This is only a small part of downtown, I couldn't get to the harder hit area today, but I will try tomorrow.

This is just crazy. All those trees lean so much, that you just want to lean with them.

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Here are the ones from my street in Westbury.

What I saw when I opened my door:


Directly in front of my house 2 20-25 ft trees from the house on the other side of the street crashed and left me only a 6ft wide area to pull my cars out. My house is on the left of this photo but it is not pictured for online safety reasons (stalkers, killers, marketers, etc).


Doing a 180 degree turn and looking down 2 blocks is another giant tree downed. I was lucky to have one street open or I would have been stranded for a LONG time.


Sunday I went down to Victoria to buy a generator and supplies. On the way back I see a convoy of 20 State Farm cars and trucks to help with claims. Almost every car or truck coming up 59 had the 5 gallon gas cans and/or generators on them.


The window A/C unit at Lowes for $125 was worth EVERY SINGLE PENNY!!!! I had not slept in 3 days...maybe 1-2 hours a night and nothing the night of the storm. I was VERY lucky....A few homes around here had trees fall on them and crush the roofs. My house and cars had no damage whatsoever plus I had water and natural gas the whole time. I lost power at 9:30 the night of storm and was hot and humid until last night. I am coming to you on generator power now.

The sound of the wind and the debris hitting the side of the house is pure horror when you are borded inside. I think the gusts were 80-90 mph in this area. My pecan tree would have fallen if the storm went another few hours in my estimation.

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No one said anything about the geotube in Gilchrist. Sure, it's not a seawall, but it kept water out for many storms. Rita's water came in from the backside due to the circulation and it being east. It was weird that the northern sides of houses were the ones that got damage. Crystal Beach had no protection. I've heard that Rollover pass in completely gone.

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NOAA has taken several dozen very high resolution photographs of the Galveston-Houston area as it is now after the storm.

They're far too many and large for me to post here, so here's a link.

Click on the black square around the area you want to see. Then click on the yellow squares to pull up images from that sector.

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My next door neighbor's pool. This top of this tree (trimmed in the pic) took out the power line in back that serves our little group of 5-6 houses:


Another neighbor just across the street. We worked all morning in the last bit of light rain getting this tree out of the street so traffic would get buy and the gutters would drain:


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Most of these are on the trek from the Reliant Stadium area to Montrose:

Fannin at Knight:


Apartments along Fannin:


Fannin at OST:


Fannin in the medical center:


St. Lukes tower:


Main near Rice University:


Minit Man on Main:


Sears with the old A exposed:


West Alabama near the spur:


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