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So we are finally ready to buy a house. I was wondering if y'all had any advice or suggestions on where to look/what to look for. We'd like to keep it $300 and under, and I'll probably want to "fix" a lot so the less spent the more I have to play with. I used to work for a custom builder and still have a lot of connections/know how to do a lot myself. I have a two year old, and we will probably have two more in the next 5-6 years (however, they can share-I always had to!) They'll be at St. Johns at some point, but not sure I'm ready to fork over tuition for elementary school, so at least a decent school would be nice.

Wants (I know I can't have everything):

-min. lot 5,000 sq. ft.

-yard (not a fan of houses the size of the lot)

-at least two bathrooms

-garage (at least one, prefer two)

-central ac/heat

-good foundation

-3 bed (stick all the heathens in one, and share office)

-love to have kitchen open to family/living, but haven't seen much of that

-east of Shepard, I prefer closer to I10 than 610

-doesn't need to be perfect condition (I'd actually prefer a bit rundown so I can play with it

So is it doable? Can anyone recommend a realtor familar with the area? Has anyone had experience with buying foreclosure...where to begin?

Thank you guys!

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hey there! welcome to the HAIF, your newest addiction ;)

here is the realtor you need to call. he has lived in the Heights forever, has redone his own home and is highly regarded in the business. he won't push you b/c he wants to close and is generally just a really nice guy. the excerpt below is from houston press when he was voted fave realtor in houston.

Best Real Estate Agent

Dennis Sigut

Keller Williams Realty, 550 Post Oak Blvd., ste. 350


713-240-1715, 713-621-8001


The booming Houston real estate market makes finding a good agent more important than ever. Dennis Sigut of Keller Williams Realty isn't just good

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