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Anyone try P90x?

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As a guy I was hesitant to order a work out video, but I'm glad I ordered this one. But I wouldn't recommend it to all guys out there. If you're extremely out of shape, then this program is not for you. If you're just a little out of shape, then this program may be for you, but perhaps it may be worth it to research some of Beachbody's other videos as well. This program is more appropriate for people who have already achieved a respectable level of fitness.

To answer your question, this workout will definitely make you lose fat. How much muscle you want to add all depends on how you want to tackle the program. It's basically broken down to three options: P90X Lean (more cardio-based and slightly less intensive), P90X Doubles (extra cardiovascular exercise, either for performance or weight loss) and P90X Classic (more emphasis on muscle mass). I haven't tried P90X classic yet so I'm not the best guide for how much muscle you can truly gain.

But if you want other user opinions I suggest the P90X forum. Pretty useful forum IMO.


Thanks for info. I didn't know there were several options. I guess the P90x Classic is more of what i'm looking for then.

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