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Downtown Skyline Update


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On 12/4/2019 at 9:32 PM, hindesky said:

From reddit u/_jviews



From reddit u/icanneverdecideonone



Anyone else think Tranquility Park would make a prime spot for a brand new, modern skyscraper? Something stunning and bold, like Piano's "The Shard", that would give Houstons "front door" skyline a facelift. Its actually a superblock, so you could fit more than one high rise there, but one signature skyscraper there would be awesome. 


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12 hours ago, Texasota said:

Are you suggesting replacing a park with a skyscraper? No, that's a terrible idea. Now, adding a supertall as part of Phase 2 of the post office site on the other hand...


Get your panties out of a bunch, Francis.


No, I'm not suggesting getting rid of the park, although it's only used as a gigantic homeless urinal and nobody would miss it anyway....


I'm saying visually and aesthetically, having a skyscraper in that position would be beautiful, it's a perfect spot for one. If it offends your delicate senses that much, pretend there was no "park" there and then imagine what having a beautiful skyscraper there would add to the skyline. 


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That's the plan, but there's no funding for it yet. Tranquility Park is definitely better now than it was in 2009, but it has the same problems most midcentury parks have - it's designed defensively, so it has these weird walls and bottlenecks that create places where visibility is limited and questionable deeds tend to be committed. It definitely needs to be reworked, but it's still a valuable space. especially for larger events that can spill out across the park, into Hermann Square, and around the library.  

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9 hours ago, cspwal said:

Is this a vision of drastically extending the ship channel?

It's a diorama of all the ways energy is being created. Last about 15 minutes but I just took a pic of the supposed Houston skyline. Really interesting part of the museum to me since I work in the industry.

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2 hours ago, Twinsanity02 said:


This is one of the best videos on you tube showing downtown Houston. For those in a hurry check out 7:45 to 8:45. It's from Fritzphoto.


I like how they pick up bits of everyday life like someone doing an instagram photo shoot on top of Market Square Tower at 9:00 and a tow truck taking away a car at 9:20.

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