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Downtown Skyline Update


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1 hour ago, IronTiger said:

There's more buildings in the "modern" shot, but I'm a bit surprised how relatively-filled out downtown Houston was in the 1970s and how few relatively few buildings have been demolished, with the only really noticeable ones are the ones at the bottom of the picture, north of Washington.


To be fair, that photo was taken around 1978-1979, so the last boom in building had already begun.  Had it been taken in 1970 it would have been missing a bunch more buildings I think.

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13 hours ago, Urbannizer said:

No demo occurring for the Western Union Building, its being restored back to use.

If the remark was meant humorously, forgive me.
To clarify, Western Union outright refused to sell or demolish their building when Gerald Hines was developing Republic Bank, due to the number of cables that converged on the site. The banking hall was incorporated into the design because building a tall building on that side of the block would have been even more of an engineering nightmare.
For 35 years the Louisiana/Capitol corner of the banking hall was sealed off. With the advent of the internet, Western Union no longer had a use for the building. The remains are being (or have been) demolished in order to open up that space in the banking hall, along with installing new windows on the Rusk façade.
I have heard nothing about any part of the building being incorporated into the new design.

edit: (and retraction) The Chron article refers to the Western Union building as being "opened up", so yes, it could be said that it's being restored. In a sense. :)
Also corrected Capitol (from Rusk).


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Thats such a great shot, beautiful, and  not a bad building either. That is the  best angle  to see it. If I was young and had the time, I'd get into as many buildings

as possible and take photos of all  the incredible massing's of new towers juxtaposed  against old. Closeups of the textures, colors, angles, and  reflection, from different levels of downtown that most people don't get to see. 

Through 20 years of installing art, in many offices towers and high rises around town, I have had the opportunity to see quite a few amazing compositions for a tabletop book

and I think if it was done on a large format it  would be a striking book..  

Come hear us play tomorrow night at the Rehab bar on Enid 9-12.

Its our debut.


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On 5/14/2018 at 10:06 PM, hindesky said:

More downtown pics from reddit, 70's and current Google earth.



Current Google Earth



I cant believe that no one mentioned the old railway line that still existed in the ‘70s that used to run to late Grand Central Station! I know it stopped service in the 50s, but I thought they had just completely ripped up the tracks then and there instead of leaving them.

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On 11/30/2019 at 7:48 AM, danielsonr said:

As hindesky’s photos here and elsewhere in the site illustrate, the views from the Glassell School roof are remarkable in all directions. It’s a great spot for residents and visitors alike to experience central Houston.


We got a chance to check out that view earlier in the year, really awesome spot for any photographers wanting to snag a skyline photo!

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