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Downtown Skyline Update


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I wanted to pass along a great vantage point to catch the whole skyline in one image. You need a driver so you can concentrate on the view, but it"s worth the effort. Go over the 610 east bridge over the ship channel. 

The best approach would be from north to south.

Everything melts into one giant skyline and you can truly capture the size and magnitude of our exploding skyline.

Its all there downtown, TMC, Greenway Plaza, Uptown, Memorial City, Citi Center, and everything in between.

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On 11/17/2021 at 9:51 AM, hindesky said:

1977 downtown. From reddit u/morganmonroe81


Jeez, all that parking. Bulldozers had already done most of their work around Market Square. Still a building hanging on there at Preston & Travis and some stuff on Milam. Not sure what that stuff is on the Lyric Center block.


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On 11/3/2021 at 2:48 PM, editor said:


A buffalo gar, for which Buffalo Bayou is named.  Which doesn't explain why there's a bison on the Buffalo Bayou wayfinding signs.

The Karankawa indians used to make farm implements outta them fish.

That looks like an alligator gar.

Pretty sure Buffalo Bayou was named after actual buffalo: https://www.chron.com/news/houston-texas/article/houston-bayou-names-origin-15613757.php

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18 hours ago, cspwal said:

Why did the main cluster of skyscrapers develop where they did? Is it because of the 45 and Allen parkway ramps being right there?

Good question. I think the tunnel system kept buildings in a clump. Why that clump developed where it did probably had something to do with proximity to existing office buildings along Main Street and the feeling that west of Main Street was the "good side" of Main Street since it was in the direction of River Oaks, Allen Parkway, etc.

There was a time when "Uptown" referred to the part of Main Street around where the Gulf Building is, as opposed to the older parts north of Texas Ave. Jesse Jones helped lead a migration of developers to "Uptown" as Lower Main and the areas around it slid into disrepute. 

Later on, in the 50's-60's, "Uptown" referred to the area around South Main and Holcombe with the Shamrock and the Prudential Building, which area is now a part of the Texas Medical Center. Especially with the Astrodome coming along, this area felt like the future of Houston.

Then Hines built the Galleria and "City Post Oak" eclipsed South Main and eventually claimed the name of "Uptown."



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