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ever wonder how an ikea kitchen fits together?

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I've wondered more about the quality, value part of the equation. Does anyone have expereince with them?

PS. Lurking for a bit trying to catch up on the forums, and looking forward to getting a lot of questions answered and learning what I can about Houston

Thanks for letting me join


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ok. I couldnt delete my post...I was asking for some help to RE install some base cabinets...I was just trying to spin it so someone would want to help.

Their kitchen cabinets are great...they use Blum hardware and I used wood glue and some extra things here and there to make them stronger. My wifes parents have had a ikea kitchen for 25 yrs and it has held up great.

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Check out Ikeafans website. They have over 100 pages worth of Ikea kitchens in people's homes. I am only on page 60 so far and already have lots of good ideas, mainly using the cabinet frames and custom door/drawer faces.

Well, if you're going to fill the web site with useful information I'll never be able to delete any threads!

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