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Indulge me on a Kroger rant....while I do wish there were better grocery shopping options CLOSE to the Heights, I continue to shop at the signature store at 11th & Shepherd because it's convenient. I'm really dissappointed that they are sending the West Gray flyer to the Heights area and most of those "specials" aren't on special at the Height's location. I asked the manager at the Heights store what I could do to recieve the Heights flyer and he said there's nothing I could do. So I thought I'd touch base with their corporate offices and they also said there was nothing I could do to have the preferred flyer delivered to my Heights home. Aside from chronically being overcharged and badly bagged groceries in bags I bring, they add insult to injury by offering a sales price on organic milk, lobster, etc. etc. that they won't honor at the Heights location! I guess the Heights isn't gentrified enough to be lurred into this location with upscale food fare!

At least HEB, who also has different circulars for different stores, sends flyers for both the Katy/Wesalyn location and 18th store. Too bad HEB won't expand that pantry store...it would be well worth the drive. I hope they haven't given up on the Heights area since Walmart snagged the property they were trying to acquire. So much for keeping the customer happy...the customer who used to spend quite a bit of ching every week there.

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Depending on how easy it is for you to get on I-10, you can get to the Bunker Hill HEB in 10 minutes... That location is sort of like a light version of Central Market.

And have you tried looking at the Kroger flier via the website? You are prompted for your zip code as soon as you access it, and it will show you the flier for your local shop.

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Aside from chronically being overcharged

The Montrose (a.k.a., 'Disco' or 'Ghetto") Kroger is notorious for this practice. Having shopped there for nearly 30 years, I cannot think that it's mere carelessness, as the errors are always in their favor. Be on the lookout for mismarked or unmarked merchandise; the costs can be substantial.

(So why do I continue shopping there? It's faster and cheaper than taking a cab or bus to other grocers. And, it's still occasionally Cruisy Kroger. ;))

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To me, Kroger has always been worse than H-E-B.

Back in the 1990s, Kroger was an old "greenhouse" location, while H-E-B was a Pantry Foods.

Circa 2002, Kroger renovates and H-E-B moved across the street to be a real H-E-B nearly three times the size.

Unfortunately, Kroger zapped the character out of it while retaining the overall dumpiness. Brand names aren't great either, and you have to use their ____ Kroger card to buy anything that competes in price with the other stores in town.

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As long as we are ranting about Kroger, am I the only one who is completely over the Cowboy Valentine Kroger campaign? I mean, yes, the Dad and the son bought flowers for their significant others, or both for the mom, or what ever. I am sick of seeing the same billboard for the last ten years.

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4 hours ago, bedmondson said:

I hear that of a bar is being put inside the store here. Any details/confirmation?

TABC notice in the window, and a sign at the back end of the wine section seem to confirm this.

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  • The title was changed to Kroger On 11th St. & Shepherd Dr.

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