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Q: What is a Super HAIFer?

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Super HAIFer is a designation by the moderators and/or administrator of HAIF to recognize HAIFers who have done remarkable things to promote the health, well being, and expansion of HAIF.

While we appreciate the thousands of people who post and read HAIF, the Super HAIFers are almost always people who have done significant things outside of HAIF in the real world to promote, enhance, or contribute to HAIF. This break from being a person behind a screen and keyboard to a person who is an activist (for lack of a better word) for HAIF is what makes the difference.

You can recognize a Super HAIFer by the badge below his name: SuperHAIFer.png

Super HAIFers are told why they are given the designation, but because many people on HAIF like to maintain their privacy and often the activities of Super HAIFers would give away their identities, we do not publicize exactly what the person has done to earn the title. The member, however, may choose to disclose this if he wishes.

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I have added a fifth person to the Super HAIFer group.

Normally the reasons for becoming a Super HAIFer are private, but since it's already being discussed in this thread the cat's out of the bag.

Willowisp gets the Super HAIFer title for getting HAIF mentioned in Atomic Ranch magazine. That's caused us to gain at least two new members so far, and probably more to come.

Thanks to Willowisp for helping promote HAIF in the real world.

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