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As most folks who buy a new home or even a used home in an established neighborhood, it is fairly rare to find backyards that are landscaped professionally either by the builder or by the owner. So many times when my wife and I were looking at homes, its was always a bit depressing to see nothing but grass and a nondescript fence.

I've also had the experience of trying to get a landscaper (those with college degrees and certifications) to do work at my various residences. Unless I was willing to shell out $10k or more, most were not interested. In fact, most were downright rude. I wanted to participate in the process and/or do things in stages. None of these were acceptable to the vast majority of firms, many well known and some sole proprietorships.

However, recently Enchanted Forest of Richmond, Texas worked with me on a design for my backyard. They provided the drawings and plant materials listings and an irrigation plan. All for about $350. I was thrilled and the plans were first rate. The only other firm willing to this kind of work was Teas' in Bellaire, but the fee was closer to $850. They even charged me $50 just to talk to me at my house. I can now install my beds and plants at my pace and under my budget, which makes me far happier than just walking out to a yard that 20 men put together in one day. I love both locations for Enchanted Forest (the other is called Enchanted Gardens) and they compare to my former favorite garden center, Buchannan's in the Heights (where I lived a few blocks away).

Anyway, while most postings on this board are about buildings, the landscape that goes around them is what really makes the house or building complete.

I thought I'd share my experience with others since I'm sure folks would like to have professional plans to follow as they work on their yards.

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