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Most Bike Riders In Houston Are Lawbreakers


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I thought this was a joke but it is legitimate. Talk about milking citizens for trivial registration.


HOUSTON -- The year was 1968 when riots broke out at the Democratic National Convention, the first heart transplant in the U.S. was performed and the Houston City Council ordered bike owners to register with the police.

Few people know that registering their bike is the law.

“No. I had no idea,” said bike rider Layton Duer.

There's a reason why Duer didn't know he was supposed to get a permit for his bike. In the 40 years since the city made it mandatory, almost everyone has forgotten.

“There must be a million and a half bicycles out there and we've only permitted 120 in the past year,” said Alfred Moran with the City of Houston's administration office.

That's just 10 people per month who still pay the 1 fee to register. Fire stations are supposed to keep the forms, but many have long since run out.

You can't even find the registration form online through the city's Web site.

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While I am a 2-time scofflaw myself, there IS a good reason for the registering system. If stolen, the police can readily identify the owner. However, an unused system benefits no one, so this registration may as well go the way 8 tracks.

Yea getting a stolen bicycle back. How about getting my car first. Or the person that hit and ran me. Or the woman who worked for me and was stealing money. Or took my truck out of storage and drove it for 3 months. How about my $154.00 ticket for lane change without signal on my motorcycle. Forget all those REALLY important list of things cops do nothing about or give you a ticket or jail for. I could go on all day.

But I bet they are out looking for my bicycle.

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