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Shepherd Park Plaza v Shepherd Park Terrace

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OK, so what is the difference between Shepherd Park Plaza and Shepherd Park Terrace (directly behind St. Pius) that keeps the prices so different? I know there is a *slight* difference in the location (cross Pinemont). Other than that, the only things I've noticed are:

1. SPT is a smaller community.

2. SPT seems to be a mostly black community.

3. They're zoned to different HISD schools (none of which are on anyone's radar for "good")

The Lots are the same in size. Houses, from what I can tell, are the same in size, maybe 10% larger in SPP (about a 250 sf difference).

Over the last year, SPP is selling at about $115 / sf in 60 days, while SPT is selling at $85 / sf in 95 days. (Yes, there have been more remodels in SPP, but that's also part of the question - why one and not the other.)

The current asking prices are: $146/sf in SPP and $74/sf in SPT.

How has the asking price for SPP gone UP over 20% while the asking price in SPT has gone down 10%?!

I could do SPT. Either way, my kids would have to go to a private school (most likely) or Vanguard (3 years from now for kindergarten.)

Am I missing something?

It's the black people, isn't? :o

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Yep, it is.

It is not P.C., but it's true. Considering when these neighborhoods were built, it was not common for whites and blacks to live in the same neighborhood. And for what ever reason it has pretty much stayed segregated.

None of the public schools in this area are good. Most kids go to Private schools if parents can afford.

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As is my usual MO, I can't help myself from interjecting useless historical trivia on certain topics. SPP is located on what was once the site of the Heights Golf Course. Hence the name of one the main entryways, "Golf Drive".

Note: There are a lot of neighborhoods in Houston that have a racial history. Some included blacks, most did not.

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everything i'ver heard about SPT is that it's a really nice neighborhood, and has been for years. I've known one family there for over 20 years.

this is quite interesting and sad (for me, anyway)... truth!

so, apparently, even 'city' people, who are supposedly more 'tolerant' of people not like them don't like black people... so, now i feel pretty good when i call the "good neighborhood" or "good school" label a totally bogus, crap cover-up. i thought it was more about income and class, but it's not. i guess i can stop looking for 'good schools' and 'good neighborhoods' for my kids, because good refers to, generally, someone who has the real preferred demographic... (as opposed to all of the other stated 'demographics' like income, education level, etc)

fwiw, i realize SPP is directly connected to Garden Oaks and does have some larger homes... but isn't materially different enough - from a pure real estate standpoint - to show such a price difference.

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