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I recently went to Technology Square in Atlanta which is essentially Atlanta’s more established version of this. It would be hard to see Midtown Houston becoming as great as Atlanta any time soon. But I could easily see Ion District being better than Technology square if it does things right and goes to plan with the plaza and everything. 

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"Greentown Labs named its first-ever Houston general manager in August, and she plans to bring her experience in the corporate world to boost the incubator’s connections to venture capital arms.

Timmeko Moore Love joined the Houston branch of the Somerville, Massachusetts-based climate tech incubator from Louisiana-based Entergy Corp. (NYSE: ETR). She worked in the company’s office in The Woodlands, where she headed up Entergy’s corporate venture strategy."

Also related to Greentown


"After a national search that lasted months, Somerville, Massachusetts-based Greentown Labs has found its new leader.

The largest climatetech incubator in North America, which has its second location in Houston, said Aug. 17 it appointed Kevin Knobloch as its next CEO. He plans to start on Sept. 5."

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Greentown Labs picks up another partner - interesting project worth it's own thread.


"The humidity wasn’t the only draw for SkyH2O. The company also joined the Houston branch of climate tech incubator Greentown Labs, where it currently has an office location.

“I think it might be the best of all these different types of incubators,” von Welczeck said. “If you go across the country, most incubating-type facilities are underfunded; they don’t really have true industrial players. In Greentown Labs, you have Chevron, Shell, Aramco all there."

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On 10/9/2023 at 10:32 AM, 004n063 said:

Ahem this is Fervo erasure.

Fervo is there too but the quotee probably would've gone on to mention Oxy and others before getting to Fervo, if that is your objection

Speaking of Oxy, their landlord who owns the Greenway Plaza complex is in foreclosure, if Rice Mgt Co wants to try to reposition that whole complex bit by bit as Ion Jr.

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"[Greenway Plaza] was valued at just over $1 billion during the issuance of a $465 million loan in 2017. The property’s value has dropped to $425 million, $40 million below the current loan balance, which remains at its original level. The new valuation comes in at roughly $98.84 per square foot, a far cry from its previous estimated cost of $239.53 per square foot."


That would be a nifty turnaround if RMC thought that the pipeline of startup demand could be created, for sure.

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