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HAIF PotD: McMansion pic

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Why should anyone object?? If you don't like this house, don't buy it. I don't like the term "McMansion", this is or will be, someone's home.

It doesn't look like a typical brick and hardi McMansion, but what are you people trying to do, you want me to get back on my anti-McMansion soapbox again. . . because I will! :P

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Trust me; it's hideously out of place in its neighborhood, which is dominated by older ranch-style and MCM homes, built into the landscape with thick trees and lush lawns; it's all very quiet and green and almost Shire-like. And then these started cropping up a few years ago. They take up an entire lot, which makes them look ridiculously out of scale with everything else, they tear up all the native trees and replace them with the ugly palms you see above, and -- worst of all -- are REALLY poorly and cheaply-built. After only five years, the "stucco" starts to mold and fall off and the house ends up looking like a total eyesore.

THAT'S why I don't like these McMansions in particular. Just because it's "someone's home" doesn't automatically make it worthy of appreciation or immune to criticism. Please.

Oh, and excuse my pitiful framing of the shot (you can totally see my car door and windshield... :P). I was in a hurry and snapped a shot on my way to work one morning... :lol:

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