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Does Houston Have A Fashion Week?

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Houston may not be a fashionable city, but we do have a keen sense of fashion. Why, just the other day at Academy, I was pointing out to my lady the most darling pair of brogans I have ever seen. They were to die for! And they would go great with my new Dickies overalls!

Now, if I can just find the right gimme cap to go with it, . . . .

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No, I think you're on to something. Houston really should hold a Fashion Week. I'm thinking mid-August.

We could get corporate sponsorship from Hanes T-Shirts (tagless, of course), shorts and flip-flop manufacturers.

Seriously, Houston isn't pretentious enough to have a "Fashion Week" (since these "fashions" usually involve emaciated people walking down a catwalk looking quite silly). The closest we probably get to that is all of the high school girls who are wearing those ridiculous fuzzy boots at the malls.

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