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Ballroom Dancing

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Just wanted to let everyone know that I think I have found a hidden jewel for us ballroom dancers. Every Friday night out at Cleopatra's Palace (FM 1960 West & TC Jester), they offer ballroom dancing from 7 pm till 11 pm and it is only $19.99 pp. With that, you get, a lovely menu to choose from and an awesome bar (which bar tickets can be purchased at the register).

They normally offer free dance lessons from 6 pm till 7 pm. Last week they had professional dance instructor Teresa from Dance Arts Studio and she was really good.

The live band is awesome! They have Jerry & Merry Burgess perform and they are good. They always have the dance floor full of people dancing.

I would really hate to see this thing not work out for them. From talking to the owner's, Cleopatra's Palace is a full service banquet facility but the husband had a dream of opening a restaurant and this is their first try at it. I think that we should all go out and support them and also dance the night away.

Just in case anyone would like to give them a call, their phone number is 281-537-1966 and their website is www.cleopatrabanquethouston.com .

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