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A Christmas Party in July

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Hello Houston,

I would like to extend an invitaion to each and every one of you to come to our company's open house on July 9. Enjoy free food prepared by us, as well as live music, coffee, and cake. Meet our partner companies in the beautiful Paraiso Maravilla. Invite as many friends as you want. All you have to do is add your name to our guest list and pass the word on.

Click this link to view the invitation

Further details about this event are found in the invitation. We hope to see you there!

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...margaritas aren't in the Christmas spirit.
Care to bet?! This is Texas buddy! :P
We make our own eggnog. We have a very good chef. Were leaning towards serving wine if it means more people will come.

You could do wine margaritas or perhaps sangria (with mulling spice to add that Christmas cheer). I advise against putting wine in the eggnog. :huh:

If you really want folks to get into the Holiday spirit, they could all come dressed apr

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Wine is never a bad idea.

The Holiday Season will soon be here and it will be time to celebrate in style.

Bailey Connor Catering and their preferred vendors invite you for an entertaining evening, and to learn the latest trends in Holiday party and event planning. This creative team of event specialists will help you to make your party planning so very easy; It is never too early to think about the Holidays or your next event.

Please join us for this fun evening and enjoy complimentary scrumptious food, fine wines, great music, networking with vendors, and try your luck at our gaming tables.

OK...no wine...no people..good luck..although your website says it will....hmmm..should I take my chances?

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I bet the folks at Star of Hope and the bus station would enjoy a Christmas party in July. Especially if there's wine. I'll see how many I can get to RSVP!

:lol: Should I say "Fine Wine"...not that cheap stuff.

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