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Continental Receives More Positive Reviews

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Here's the link. Third year in a row garnering such favorable reviews.


"For the third year in a row, low-cost carrier JetBlue ranked the highest overall, scoring well in six out of seven of the categories, while Continental Airlines and Alaska Airlines tied for first among traditional carriers. Continental continued a three-year streak among the old-line airlines."

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While I love flying Continental, and do so several times almost every week of the year, I always find it amazing how some of the different airline quality surveys rank the same airlines so differently. A few months ago there was one that put AirTran on top; this has them near the bottom of the discount/low-cost carriers. That same one had Continental in the middle of the full service/legacy carriers. While I agree with this survey's ranking of Continental, and am thrilled for them, I think airline quality surveys are, in general, pretty subjective.

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