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Lower Westheimer to Downtown


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Don't know why I haven't posted this earlier. Anywho, you could say a frequent pastime for me is going around taking pictures of stuff. Trying to fight that whole "fattest city" thing you know.

If you care, I'm using a cheap Nikon Coolpix 4.0 megapixel digital. Maybe one day I'll have something a little better. On this run (this was on February 26, 2008) it got pretty dark on me as I got into downtown. I did my best...

Starting from around Dunlavy on Westheimer...















What you see in the shots above and below are separated by a street and a matter of feet. I love Houston.

































It's getting dark, so the camera's about to have to call it a night...





There are more shots, but this is the limit for this post. I might put the rest later.

Copyleft 2008 BrewsterMcCloud/jfre81

Use freely; just credit me and don't go saying you took them yourself. That would be lame. Not that these are good enough to make money off of, but if you want to try, let me know so I can try too. Have a good one everyone, and be careful out there.

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Even got #Numbers in the snap shots :lol:

and couldn't help but get the XXX joint across the street.

Well, this is what lower Westheimer is all about, or was, with ancroaching development who knows what is around the corner. :(

Save the Victorians that remain! Yelp!

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And you can definitely see a change in the photos once you move into Midtown and on to downtown.

This was pretty much what I tried to accomplish here, if indeed I tried to accomplish anything besides exercising and exploring.

What y'all see is only half the walk, because it got dark. Shortly after taking the shot of BHOMS I took the rail from Bell to McGowen because I had only been asked for change/cigarettes twice through the whole thing and I didn't want to ruin a good thing by walking in front of the Greyhound station after dark....I got off, explored more Midtown on the way back to where I started from because I had the car parked over there.

Mind you that this was in February and it wasn't nearly as hot, but that's not been known to stop me...

I've got two or three more of these I'm going to post here soon, since people seem to like. I appreciate it much, and helps make this stuff more fun.

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Out of curiosity, BrewsterMcCloud, how long did it take you to make that walk? I definitely wanna take that trek sometime, but when its warmer again and the days are longer.

I did that walk in mid-February last year. Wasn't the cold that bothered me, but that I had limited light when I approached about six. I guess I took about two hours or so, but I was stopping a lot. I walked all the way back to where I started after dark, but I wasn't taking pictures. My camera doesn't like the dark much.

Sorry to take forever to respond to this :P

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Thanks for the great pics. These are sights I see all the time from the car, but I really enjoyed the pedestrian perspective. You are are stronger person than me--I would have never made it past Poison Girl.

Looks like it was too early and they were closed, luckily. ;)

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Speaking of walking, there is a guy who does an article periodically for the Houston Press where he walks an area of Houston, usually a pretty big all-day walk. His name escapes me and Google is not finding it, but he's done a lot of different areas.

Edit: Just remembered his name, John Lomax. The article series is called Sole of Houston.

Westheimer walk

Part 1: http://blogs.houstonpress.com/hairballs/20...ohn_lomax_a.php

Part 2: http://blogs.houstonpress.com/hairballs/20...f_john_loma.php

All the other walks, there are many: http://blogs.houstonpress.com/hairballs/sole_of_houston/

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yeah, the Montrose area still seems to have personality. i LOVE what they are doing in NOHO (LA), but one by one the quirky cafes, restaurants and bawdy storefronts are being replaced by sleek glass and polish. It definately has taken the grit out of NoHo. i PRAY to the urban gods this doesn't happen to Montrose........EVER!

m. B)

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Hey...that Flashback store is still there...they had a Kip's Big Boy in the window once...and there is a rocketship gumball machine like the one that sat in the Sage (Gulf Frwy) store (by the restaurant stairs), definitely a 60's thing. :) You can even see it in the photo. Thnx Brewster.

That Hugos Restaurant looks nice.

There was a house that sat where the Westheimer St. curves towards South Main, had a 3rd story that looked like a later addition "artist loft"...was always fascinated with that. Sat atop an older house, wanna say a cape cod style house. Does anyone else remember it? It would have faced Westheimer, sat looking west, straight down Westheimer.

That pet store around there was nice, remember llamas & peacocks.

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Oh yeah...four or five days after Ike I did part of this walk again, surveying the damage. I only went to Gray in Midtown but I started at S. Shepherd rather than around Dunlavy. I should get that together and post it.

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I believe at least two businesses in your shots have since closed (Felix Mexican Restaurant and Adult DVD). I also didn't noticed that "That 70's Shop" had moved from the Alabama location. I thought they had just closed shop.

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