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Fridgidaire 'Flair' Oven/Cooktop for Sale


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Ok, Modsters, this is your chance to own a piece of American appliance history ....


I have a 1964-ish 'Flair' freestanding oven/range unit for sale. These are very unique, having a slide-out cooktop burner drawer below the upper gullwing-door oven. Both oven and burners are electric, would make a great addition to a vintage mid-century kitchen.

These came out in 1960 or so, were originally designed to replace freestanding floor ranges that were common in the day in most houses. They were made by Fridgidaire, which at the time was a division of General Motors - it's built like a Buick, all steel and able to withstand lots of abuse. Parts can be had through vintage parts channels (somewhere I have the name of a website where people sell/give away parts).

This one was originally in a 60's era condo here in Houston and was working when they pulled it out. I bought it primarily because I had to have one, thought I might use it but isn't looking like that will happen so need it to go to a good home.

These things price out as high as $1700 on eBay, depending on model (single or double oven), accessories and condition. This one, with a single wide oven, is good but needs some cleanup and one little knob. It does NOT have the optional lower cabinet, but these come up for sale from time to time. I also have a manual reprint that shows dimensions and bracing for mounting it onto a standard kitchen base cabinet so it will line up with a standard height countertop.

Asking $250 for it, but offers will be considered. Please IM me if you're interested - I have no means of delivery, you will need to pick up.

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So far as I know, Macy's Texas Stoves is still in business on Almeda.

If repairs or parts are needed, it's a good local resource.

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What are the dimensions of this badboy ?

25" deep at the bottom (burner drawer), 16.5 " deep at top (oven is shallower)

30" Wide

35" high (unit only); as installed on a cabinet base the top edge would normally be 62" off the ground, but you could install at any height suitable for you.

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