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Riverstone Vs. Telfair


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<br />Hey guys and girls, i love both places and i need help to pick one for my next home! riverstone or telfair?<br /><br />thanks!!<br />
<br /><br /><br />

Telfair is closer to the freeway... I think both are great

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one is high...another is higher....

I look longterm and find out which area may shift towards the worse as every hood will undergo that......haven't researched telfair but riverstone is so overpriced only way it'll turn bad if the major, major economic bust occurs

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Telfair is way overpriced though! Not sure about what the prices at Riverstone are though.

I found that Riverstone and Telfair prices are very similar. I ultimately chose Telfair; I feel it's a safer choice as it has a better location.

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I still believe the old addage about real estate applies in most cases..."location, location, location." I choose Telfair to have a much shorter commute to major freeways and highways (90 and 59).

Others may value different amenities. Both are highly diverse in terms of cultures, languages and ethnicities. That for some is a selling point, for others it might not be. It was for us.

Telfair has a more natural feel to its lakes and common areas; RS has highly manicured lawns that go right up to the edge of the water that also has numerous fountains. Telfair is promising areas for development of restaurants and light retail. The high concentration of retail on HW 6 does this for RS residents, so I doubt that will be something that will happen there. I don't know this for certain but I think RS is in Missouri City city limits, so that might be something to consider as well.

I think the best time to evaluate residential areas is from about 6pm to 8pm during the work week. You'll get to see what kind of activites are going on, if neighbors talk and interact, etc.

Bear in mind a couple of things...both developments have a 0.25% of 1% charge on the sales price of your home that goes to the homeowners association. It was explained to us that the builders paid this on our home when we bought it. If we ever decided to sell, then it would be negotiated with the buyer. It funds the neighborhood association in large part, although Telfair also charges $650 a year in additional charges. In Telfair, while there is going to be the Natural Science museum location, the primary amemities location (largest pool, tennis courts, club house, ball fields) is now a year overdue. Streets are being worked on and a new fire house is supposed to be built soon. All of these could be seen both as an irritant or a feature.

Utlimately the only one who can decide is you. I think you'll be pleased no matter which one you pick.

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Both are great communities. I work in both areas and lived in Riverstone for a couple of years. Telfair is a premium because of its convenient location. However all the retail and amenities are already in place for Riverstone. Telfair is still undergoing development. Riverstone is in the Sugar Land ETJ so it does have a Sugar Land mailing address. Eventually Riverstone and Telfair developments will flow right into each other somewhere along University Blvd when they are finally completed years from now.

It depends on your needs. Look at different builder plans in both areas. Right now Riverstone is running some great builder close out deals I work closely with David Weekley in there. Are schools important, tax rates, etc. Do you plan to live there long term? Do you consider your home an investment? etc. Im a specialist in the area if you want to find out more.

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Unless you plan to work and play in Sugar Land, I suggest neither for the price, you can find something better closer to town.

But other than that, they are both very VERY generic master planned communities.

You can probably get a better deal in Greatwood.

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greatwood's school is not so great! morning traffic is bad i heard! it takes forever to get to 59!

Greatwood is Lamar ISD. Greatwood has two exemplary elementary schools within the subdivision. A new middle and high school is on the drawing board that will primarily serve GW, but I'm not sure of the timing.

Since addition of more 59 lanes, morning traffic is not an issue anymore. Evening traffic is non-existent. You "heard" wrong. Check it out for yourself - I think you'll be pleased.

One more exit down 59 gets you a comparable home to Telfair for $100k less!

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