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Sharpstown Center/Mall


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I noticed Sharpstown Center/Mall is up for sale, lost its (awful) website, lost all of its anchors (except for Burlington Coat Factory) and so on and so forth. What is/was the mall like? I got a vintage picture of the mall, and I heard it double-decked in the 1980s and all that but I'm largely lost on it...

Can anyone clue me in? :(

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I grew up in Sharpstown.

It was a nice mall. They double-decked it in the 1980s -- it added a lot of stores.

Foleys was the anchor. JC Penney and Montgomery Ward were also there. When I was growing up there was a cinema and a nice food court. Foleys also had a restaurant. I remember there was this animatronic puppet-show type thing in the food court for awhile.

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I'll go ahead and predict that Sharpstown will be remodeled similar to Meyerland, Gulfgate and (soon) Northline. Probably within the next 10 years.

In fact, given the large, unoccupied lot that used to house Jack Roach Ford across Bellaire, it would seem to make sense, given that the remodeled area often includes some type of new affordable residential (well, at least in the case of Gulfgate and Northline).

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