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Windfern Road.. from cadillacs to cows


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I started a new job last week for a trucking company.. fairly far away from deep in the bowels of SW Houston where I live.. but thanks to the beltway I get to work in 30 minutes.

Anyhoo.. am working out on Windfern Road.. in the 9200 block.. Have never been out here before.. there seem to be some fairly nice s/d's.. then down the road trailer parks.. and industrial.. and pass some cows every day coming home to get on Fallbrook to the Beltway.

When I worked for this real estate company, Henry Taub (believe that's his name) had many listings.. and I pass by Taub Road on the way home every day too (exit W. Little York to get to Windfern in the mornings, to save a buck)... I several old looking roads off Windfern.. any old stuff I should look for out Windfern way?

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There's not too much in the area. I live in the subdivision on the left as you're headed north on Windfern. The subdivision on the right was involved in a fairly publicized lawsuit a few years back. That section was built on the site of an oil field, refinery and holdings tanks, and some people claimed that the site was contaminated and causing health issues. Chevron, and other defendants, prevailed and early last year the Texas Supreme Court refused to review the case.

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