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Beautiful house, I'm very jealous. I'm not sure where this is.

Without giving your address could you give me a hint as to the area this is in? Maybe I'm just stupid but I've lived in Houston for 11 years now and have never quite figured out where Spring Branch is.

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Love the house - and isn't Royal Oaks along Westheimer-ish just out of the beltway (maybe Kirkwood/Dairy Ashford)?

i think that is a "new" Royal Oaks.

The old one is spring branch-ish...

west of gessner, north of long point, south of hammerly, east of the belt...but i dont think it is all considered Royal Oaks.


Royal Oaks Civic Association represents a community of 351 residences in the Spring Branch area of Houston. We are comprised of homes built in the 1960's with a compelling canopy of mature trees north of I-10 and inside Beltway 8.

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thanks all - and it is the OG royal oaks linked above - not the mcmansion cc off of westheimer. There are some interesting mods in the area and it is still rather inexpensive. I need to get better pictures of the details such as the opening in the roof off of the carport that was originally for a pine tree, and is now a koi pond, but we like it for the slot windows and the hanging celing.

Lowbrow (on the board here) has been over before and digs it as well.

We would love to have more period furnature, but that fund got killed with a new ac, roof, windows last year. maybe in 5-10 years..

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I looked at two mods in Shadow Oaks adjacent to Royal Oaks a couple months ago. The smaller one sold in just a couple of weeks, it was very original and had a huge lot. The other was on Conrad Sauer, had some original details but a bit of 70's tackiness as well. The busy street was not good for it either. My realtor and I drove around the area and it has a pretty high percentage of mods for the era but no others for sale. I graduated from Spring Woods High School back in the 70's and many of my friends lived in that area.

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Excellent new pics! As always, I love your house... and quite a few others in your neighborhood. Truly envious of your access to so much great korean and mexican food. Odelay... what do I got? La Madelaine and Cafe Express...

I still don't know who your architect was....

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