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Pictures of downtown Columbus, Ohio

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I went to Columbus, Ohio last month. If you thought downtown Houston was depressing in the 90's then it will be very familiar to you. Lots of surface parking. Many MANY empty low- and mid-rise office buildings. One commercial corridor where things seem to be doing OK, but only because of a single industry. The rest is hit-and-miss. And a dying mall in the middle of it all.

From what I've read, though, Columbus is ready to make a comeback. Downtown is being flooded by new residential development and lots of the older office buildings are finding new life as condos and apartments. The local NBC station is just about finished with its new streetfront studio and the city is trying to evict the manager of the mall so it can be redeveloped. We'll see what happens.

Now... on with the pictures!






















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Is Columbus OH still an organized-crime town?

It's still the hub of the State government, yes. :D

Great pics, Editor. One other thing Columbus has in common with Houston: Annexation. The City ate up a ton of Franklin County in the 80's.

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What is this, like their Times Square?


It's the new streetfront studio for WCMH (NBC affiliate). It wasn't quite done when I took that picture, but should be open now.

Hard to believe, but EVERY ONE of those logos at the top is actually a 3D object that spin. And not slowly. The Nationwide one has real clocks on two faces, and video screens of clocks with their hands spinning furiously on the other two. The whole thing looks like a Wonka factory.

I know what a yellow jacket is, but what is a blue jacket? A yellow insect died blue?

According to Wikipedia (shudder):

"Blue Jacket was a war chief of the Shawnee people, known for his militant defense of Shawnee lands in the Ohio Country."

Nice pictures. I've only been to Columbus briefly a couple of times. On the positive side, the downtown seemed very clean and well-kept. It didn't feel poor.

Yeah, it's still very clean. There seems to be a recent Louisiana influence in the area. I assume from Katrina refugees. In downtown I ran across probably eight or ten restaurants and a candy store all with a New Orleans theme.

Is Columbus OH still an organized-crime town? Did it seem like it at all?

I didn't sense anything like that, but I was only there three days. I know that Morgantown, West Virginia was a training ground for the Pittsburgh mob. Columbus could be one, too.

21 pictures, 5 pedestrians.

That's intentional. Pictures with pedestrians are harder to sell. For a frigid day (30's with a stiff wind) the sidewalks were surprisingly full. Not Chicago full, but certainly better than most cities the size of Columbus.

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