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UrbanLofts vs HHN

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Urban Lofts can sometimes be tough to sell as a resale. A good number of people don't care for the Galvalume exterior. However, that doesn't mean it's the wrong choice...just something to think about.

If you look at some of the resales on HAR.com, you'll notice that many agents use an interior photo as the main picture. This is an attempt to capture the attention of someone that wouldn't otherwise give the townhome a second thought. I have been in a number of resale units though, and they all seemed to be in good conditon with no obvious problems that would be builder related.

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I'm a male mid 20s professional looking to purchase my first home. Thanks to all the knowledge I've gained by reading HAIF, I've narrowed my search to these two companies building new townhouse developments in the East End/Warehouse District 77003 zip code. I've met and toured both, and selected a floorplan from each that I like.

I've read all the separate threads for each company, however I would like to hear some opinions that can give me a direct comparison between the two builders. This is the biggest purchase and one of the toughest decisions to this point in my life. I would like to make the best decision I possibly can, any information or opinions are greatly appreciated.

Things I'd like input on are: quality, maintenance, finishes, appreciation, re-sale, warranty work, and if you've owned one I'd love to hear your experience.


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We've had our Urban Loft home for 3 years, since it was built. The quality is great. My only complaint is the concrete on the first floor; whatever finish or sealer they put on it is really not sturdy. It peels off if you put a rug with a rubber back on it, or even a shoe with a rubber sole, left on the floor, can pull up the finish. I'm not pleased with that at all. It's possible that they've reworked their formula in the last three years to come up with a more durable finish for the concrete, I don't know.

I would say that in the scope of things, though, that's a pretty minor issue.

And if anyone can recommend someone who can fix such a floor, I'd be grateful!

Wait till you get a quote on refinishing that concrete floor before you judge how minor an issue it is.

Could it be a homeowner's warranty issue?

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I have sold many Urban Loft resales and the inspection reports on them consistently come up pretty clean. They are low maintenance and you get a lot of space for the money. The issues that do come up could be considered minor. The stained concrete floor issue is common for builders other than Urban Lofts and I've seen it with another high end builder. My client, the seller had a rubber mat down with a treadmill on it.. it stuck to the floor. They called a company out to have the floor buffed and resealed... and I could get their info if someone needed it.

The other things that come up are the gaps in the pine plank floors.. but common for those homes. Some have wider gaps than others.

And if they are still using the one AC/Heat unit zoned 2-3 ways, that can sometimes be a concern. But for the price, you cannot expect 2 separate units. The ones they have used do work and I've talked to AC guys that have serviced them and said they are fine.

If you go in and do some unique things to the house to make it a little cooler, you'll likely be fine for resale. Upgrades to counters in kitchen and baths... plus upgrading tile to stone in baths usually means a lot.

Hope that helps. And.. if you have a yard space.. that trumps almost everything else. With green building becoming a popular thing, i think the Urban Lofts with their lower maintenance exterior will become better understood. There will always be those that do not like the exterior.. but there are other that think a lot of traditional townhomes look like glorified apartments inside. It just depends on your taste.

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Texas Concrete Effects http://www.staintexas.com

By far the best stained concrete people we've come across...Ive been in Urban Lofts and the Herrin lofts, both have terrible stained concrete floors...full of scratches and peeling up everywhere. I dont know who did them.

The company I mentioned above refinished the floors in our new home and they are awesome! They put up a picture of our floor on their website.


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Well, my wife and I bough an Urban Loft a year ago and we do like it very much...

We even have a baby now and while it might not be perfect for children we make it work!

It can take a bit to get it all set up as you like, as I find that "vertical" furniture works well in it, to make the most of the spaces....and you need a LARGE flat Screen TV as well!

For me its just being close to the action that counts, and we can walk to stuff and everything which as a former New Yorker i need to have...

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I have a couple of friends who own UrbanLofts townhomes. I haven't heard any complaints from them. Don't have any direct experience with HHN except from what I've read and an open house. I will say the owners of HHN appear to value customer service. Do a search on HHN and you'll find a thread where one of the HHN owners actually posted on here. That speaks volumes to me.

Having been to my friends' UrbanLofts homes multiple times, I would say HHN and UrbanLofts offer two completely different styles though. UrbanLofts offers a very contemporary "urban" look." HHN, on the other hand, has a more traditional "transitional" style. Choose what you like, but definitely try to ask around and get as much info as possible. A home purchase is a big decision and has the potential for costly consequences.

PS You may have read one of my threads on another builder. If so, I appreciate the affirmation of my efforts.

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