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12943 Memorial On the Market... Sale Pending (already)


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12943 Memorial Drive

Should we assume this house will be saved, at least for now? If they wanted it for the land, they could have purchased the one next-door a few weeks ago for less.


I wonder why they kept these old chairs after the update?

Maybe they'll keep it. This area has really gone up in price lately. In order to get in a liveable house in this school district you're having to be 300k+ , and having to sacrifice location a little to even do that.

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I live in a smaller version of this house just outside of Glenbrook (literally one street away). There are also 2 more like it that I know of - one on Tappenbeck off Bunker Hill built in 1955 and the other on Magdalene off Taylorcrest built in 1957. I remember seeing pics online of 12943 Memorial when it was on the market a few years back. It was cool to see my house in another light - mine is definitely the more economical adaptation of this floor plan. I found a pic from Memorial I saved the last time it was listed - you can get an idea of what's been done:

12943 Memorial after:


12943 Memorial before:


Mine from a similiar angle:


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