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Clodine General Store To Stay Open


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As reported in a recent edition of the Fort Bend Herald and discussed in the current HAIF Discussion, the Clodine General Store is now safe from TxDot. Henry Nemec has now safely moved his 1950's General Store further back on his property to prevent it's destruction at TxDot's hands. The store is now being worked on in order to get it open in time for July 4th fireworks sales. Owner Henry Nemec calls his new General Store a "fireworks superstore". It's unclear what the permanent use for the future store will be. The Nemec family has lived and grown up in Clodine and the Mission Bend area since near the turn of the century. Henry told me he remembers going out into the fields when he was young to the current location of George Bush Park and going hunting with his friends. "It was a farming community, all around us" he told me of the old Clodine surroundings. He remembers the old train tracks running "out there" through the current George Bush Park near along-side the old Westheimer alignment, swearing that "there's probably some metal from the old tracks still laying out there somewhere."

-Kevin Jackson


Map of Clodine and current site of downtown Clodine's General Store.


Clodine General Store with Henry Nemec, owner.


The store at it's current setback, freshly after being moved.


Facing west back toward FM-1464, the previous location along with it's moving beams in the background left.


Looking under the Westpark Tollway and it's current distance from FM-1464.

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I remember that old cotton gin as well as some of the other structure that surrounded the general store as late as the early 80's--boy when the bulldozers came they came with a vengence! Thank God the store survived as Houston stretches closer and closer to Simonton (thats hard to believe!!)

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