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David Adickes Studio

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Does anyone know who purchased the David Adickes Studio on Summer street near the Target off I-10? Swamplot has a posting about it being sold and the artists told to move on within six months. There's nothing about whether the Deborah Colton Gallery will also be moving. There had been some rumors that Colton was interested in buying the building but I tend to think it probably went to developers who want condos or townhomes. Anyone have any more details?

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Not related to the posters question but Adickes news none the less. It tells of his latest project for Houston and the answer to the mystery of why the Beatles statues never went up.

His We Love Houston is nearing completion and destined for high-profile installation on I-10 just east of Shepherd Drive. “I love big letters, and I just thought, why not?” says the artist, who’ll add a few extra components, such as a depiction of a happy child standing in one of the “O’s,” before the sculpture makes its trek from his First Ward studio not far from Downtown.

The slogan, which stands 28 feet tall and is made of concrete over steel, is actually Adickes’ second idea for the roadside space; his ode to The Beatles turned out to be too big. But that’s just as well, since he has high hopes for the future of his very tall text. “Some people are comparing this to the Hollywood sign,” he says. “I hope that this also becomes an icon for Houston.”



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What, we're supposed to embrace this as good art? Tacky, corny... This one is not exactly a product of a massive surge of creative energy...and the heart symbol kind of copies the original NY slogan. But, it's a positive message and public art doesn't have to be abstract and cool so I like it.

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