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Memorial Hermann Children's Fun Center

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Yes, this is going up.

"Colgate-Palmolive is awarding all nine participating hospitals a Fun Center...";

however, "Voting remains open through February 29, and the hospital that receives the most support will receive an additional Fun Center" - presently Houston and Detroit each have 31.2x% of the vote, with Atlanta and Philadelphia running a distant third and fourth at about half that. http://www.colgate.com/app/Colgate/US/Corp...-love/vote.cvsp will take you all of ten seconds to complete, if you will.

You can vote once per 24 hour period, so a total of thirty seconds of your workweek would be appreciated.

Moderators, your vote too would be good; two days from now, edit the title to reflect the outcome -- or just merge with the low-profile thread in Other Houston, but don't merge before the first of March, please.

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It would just be a shame to put the greater investment in a region where it will only serve fewer and fewer people...

Not that this is a particularly significant investment. I figure the take-home from this is that if the company got more traffic from the promotional than they were expecting, they'll definitely give more of this away in the future than they had been contemplating doing before this week ran its course.

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  • Highrise Tower changed the title to Memorial Hermann Children's Fun Center

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