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18 hours ago, Avossos said:

this would be wonderful. I can imagine it won’t be easy getting funding for this now.

Pros: Extremely low interest rates, government wants this kind of investment to continue so the economy doesn’t tank, by the time this finishes construction the virus (hopefully) will be gone. 

Cons: Extremely high risk, we don’t know what the hell is going on, retailers, corporations, and buyers have stopped investment.




personally, I would invest, but I only got $1,000 dollars to 😂

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Commercial MBS markets are completely frozen. Commercial leaseholders will struggle to make lease payments, which means property owners and developers will struggle to make loan payments, which impairs the associated commercial MBS assets.


For the most part, banks and other holders have foregone margin calls, and Fed is backstopping, but don't hold your breath for new funding.

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