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The Post Oak: 36-Story High-Rise & Conference Center

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Houston billionaire and Rockets owner Tilman Fertitta’s new $400 million mixed-use tower in the Uptown area has had dozens of liens filed against it by unpaid contractors.

In total, the outstanding liens as of July 2 add up to more than $30.5 million, according to documents obtained by the Houston Business Journal that were filed with the Harris County Clerk’s office.


The tower, dubbed The Post Oak, includes high-end hotel, office, residential and retail space. It broke ground at 1600 West Loop South in 2015 and opened in March. Originally expected to cost around $350 million, that figure is now at $400 million, according to Jeff Cantwell, chief development officer and executive vice president for Landry’s Inc., which is owned by Fertitta.

The largest outstanding lien as of July 2 was filed by Houston-based Tellepsen Builders Inc., which was the general contractor for the core and shell of the project. Tellepsen’s lien, which was first filed in January and amended in June, claims the company is owed $19.89 million. Tellepsen issued the following statement to the Houston Business Journal through a spokesman:


“Tellepsen and our unpaid subcontractors are local, family-owned businesses that care about our projects, our people, and our community. It is unfortunate that negotiations to pay us for our work have failed. Despite the fact that the luxury hotel has been open since March 2018, the owner, Landry’s, has failed to pay us and several of our longtime subcontractor partners in a timely manner. Tellepsen has wonderful clients we have worked with through four generations of our family, but this was the first time we have worked with Landry’s. We expect that we can work this out fairly and swiftly.”


Cantwell with Landry’s said the liens filed against the building represent less than 10 percent of the job, and the company is still conducting audits and going through the close-out process.

Tellepsen estimates that during peak construction time, there were about 720 construction workers on the project associated with the general contractor.

The Texas Constitution and Texas Property Code give mechanics, artisans and materialmen the right to claim an interest, or lien, in the property they worked on for the value of the labor or material that remains unpaid. Liens must be filed in the county of the project.


The second-largest outstanding amount in liens filed against 1600 West Loop South as of July 2 totals around $3 million owed to Houston-based Trio Electric Ltd., which recently finished the 40-story Market Square Tower in downtown Houston and the 30-story headquarters for BHP Billiton on Post Oak Boulevard. This was also the company's first time working with Landry's, according to a statement sent to the HBJ.


"It is unfortunate TRIO Electric has had to file a lien against Landry's for work completed on the Post Oak Tower. TRIO has paid its employees, suppliers and subcontractors for their work and is disappointed to end such a beautiful project this way. Since starting business in 1983, TRIO (formerly Pollock Electric) has not had a non-payment issue like this one," Trio Electric said in a statement through a spokesman.


Due to time periods and complex issues associated with the Texas lien laws, sometimes liens are filed prematurely, according to Letitia Barker, president of Dallas-based Haley-Greer Inc., a curtain wall glass and glazing company that filed a lien against 1600 West Loop South June 1 claiming more than $1.6 million in unpaid bills.

"We don’t have any expectations of not being paid; we just did that to preserve our rights," Barker told the HBJ.

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In there, I promise   Uptown Heartbeat by Bryan Malloch, on Flickr

The Post Oak by Bryan Malloch, on Flickr

Posted Images

Side note: this building has some really unique lighting that hasn't been discussed (and generally isn't on).  The current lighting is classy, and the new features are 100% Vegas.  I saw a brief glimpse at dusk a few weeks ago... it's really going to bring some glam to Uptown.  Can't wait for the Holiday colors.

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On 3/7/2018 at 11:23 AM, richfish said:

The outside of the building has some pretty cool lighting they're installing. Basically a LED line around every floor. 


On 7/2/2018 at 9:49 PM, SkylineView said:

Side note: this building has some really unique lighting that hasn't been discussed (and generally isn't on).  The current lighting is classy, and the new features are 100% Vegas.  I saw a brief glimpse at dusk a few weeks ago... it's really going to bring some glam to Uptown.  Can't wait for the Holiday colors.


Unable to attach a photo (which is probably for the best because I have no idea how to take pictures at night so they are crap anyway)... but there is some of the new lighting on tonight for the first time that I've seen, basically the aforementioned LED lines at the corners of the building (at least on the SE corner that I can see and it looks like the NE corner as well). 

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What's up with posting content on this site?  It's been messed up for (literally) a year for me.  I can't drag files... I can't "insert other media" and I can't use the "link" button anymore either.  Anyone know what the deal is?  I've cleared cookies, I've tried different photo hosting, I've tried IE and chrome, I've tried my work comp.  It's like the site is anti-content.  How are you guys posting photos in content?


This is literally the best I can do:  >> Lighting Pic here (by me) >> http://s1241.photobucket.com/user/SkylineView/media/image1_zpszkzmwigv.jpeg.html


If anyone has the ability to drag it out of purgatory and into the thread... please do!


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On ‎11‎/‎20‎/‎2017 at 9:40 AM, AREJAY said:

So, how long before Tilman starts that modeled tower west of Masetro's?




That surface parking lot is begging for it.


26 minutes ago, thatguysly said:

A geotech drill rig is taking samples in the surface lot next to the tower and behind Willie G's. 


Could it be?! 

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On 11/29/2016 at 3:24 PM, ew2003 said:


Is this the site?  



Can't find too much on it...


Owned by:

Contact Information

Company Name    755 Post Oak, Inc.
Address    5177 POST OAK BLVD., SUITE 610




Managed by:

Greenwich Management



Which is a corporation directed by:







Still can't believe nothing is in the works for this corner still with all the work being done on Post Oak Blvd! (it is called Post Oak Corner as shown in the quoted thread)....you would think with this being the gateway to the new Post Oak Blvd, this would be prime realty... Anyone have a guess as to why it's still vacant and what would be a good fit? (I would think that Tillman would have picked this up to be part of his whole development)...

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For the ultimate high-end experience, arrive in style. Board a well-appointed A-Star helicopter from atop The Post Oak Hotel at Uptown Houston and get a bird’s eye glimpse of the awe-inspiring scenery as you soar above Houston’s beautiful Uptown and Galleria areas. A personal travel concierge is ready to customize a flight to fit your needs.

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Lisa Vanderpump from Bravo tv/Restaurant Bar fame stayed at Post Oak this past weekend:

While in town, Vanderpump and her entourage stayed at Tilman Fertitta’s Post Oak Hotel at Uptown Houston and dined at Mastro’s Steakhouse the night before the H-E-B appearance. She raved about the hotel and its pet-friendly policy — yes, Vanderpump had a pooch in tow — especially the in-room doggie dining menu.


“It’s the most gorgeous place on Earth,” Vanderpump said of the Post Oak. “It really was the nicest hotel I’ve ever stayed at. They looked after me like I was a queen.”



as seen here: https://www.houstonchronicle.com/life/food/article/Lisa-Vanderpump-s-latest-rose-vintage-has-hit-13625093.php



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