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Development At Shepherd Dr. And W. Alabama St.


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I remember Ruchi's used to have some restaurants labeled Americas (or something similar) and some El Rincon de Mexico (they're all this way now I think) - the Americas ones seemed to have less spicy salsa and food..

I go to the one off Fuqua/45 once in a long while and it's decent - it also used to be a Double Dave's Pizza so all the booths have "DD" etched in to them..

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So much for "high rise." Only five stories Sad for such a good location.

I'll update the thread title.

Added to the interactive map of Houston projects: http://maps.google.c...02ee46915&msa=0

I agree that a midrise might be better for the area for now...

But until transportation in the area is improved, I don't think a highrise can be built in the area.

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8 hours ago, CREguy13 said:

Question:  Does anyone know what is planned for the large cleared lot just North of West Alabama Ice House - 2 blocks East of this intersection.  Is there an existing thread for that project? 


it was supposed to be an 8 story apartment complex, can't remember the developer. there's a thread for it somewhere.


i'd much prefer they appropriate it to the city who in turn converts it into greenspace, mostly bc i could then cut across it to get to WAIH.

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  • The title was changed to Development At Shepherd Dr. And W. Alabama St.

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