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Red Flag Warning - Please Don't Burn Stuff Right Now


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From the Harris County Fire Marshall:

Extreme wild fire conditions exist in the western and southern parts of the State, and "red flag" warnings have been for the western two-thirds of the State, roughly west of I-35. Texas Forest Service fire behavior analysts are calling attention to a series of cold fronts lined up to cross the state this week that will greatly increase fire danger in parts of the state.

Both Harris County and Montgomery County have experienced sporadic bouts of wildfires associated with the passing of recent cold fronts, and the dry winds that accompany them. Local officials are closely monitoring weather conditions and wildfire danger on a daily basis, and urge residents to refrain from outdoor burning during dry, windy conditions.

Montgomery County Fire Marshal Jimmy Williams encourages all residents to "closely monitor changing weather conditions, and to refrain from burning during dry windy conditions". In the event a "Red Flag Warning" is issued by the NWS, residents should halt all burning until conditions improve and the warning has expired.

Harris County Fire Marshal Mike Montgomery said, "Grass fires have been relatively small, and have been contained by local fire departments. We have been in touch with fire departments and other area fire marshals to be ready for any changes in fire weather or behavior."

No local resources have been requested to deploy to other parts of the State, but Chief Jack Colley with the Governor's Division of Emergency Management has asked local fire departments to identify crews, equipment, and resources that could be available to respond, if needed.

Fire Marshal Montgomery said, "If local crews are called to help other parts of the State, residents should be aware that smaller fires could spread more rapidly, especially on dry, windy days".

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