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Medical Technology Center: Medistar Proposed Development


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Saw this on the Houston Bus Journal site:

Medistar tests medical mall marketHouston Business Journal - by Jennifer Dawson Houston Business Journal


The prolific developer wants to create a high-rise medical mall that would cater to Houston's health care hub -- the Texas Medical Center.

Hourani, CEO of Houston-based Medistar Corp., has spent decades developing health care-related facilities. Now he wants to build something unique to Houston's medical community.

Medistar plans to spend between $175 million and $200 million to develop at least a 600,000-square-foot building that would be located just outside of Texas Medical Center boundaries, on Medistar-owned land.

The high-rise would house offices and showrooms for companies that sell equipment, supplies and pharmaceuticals to Texas Medical Center institutions. Tenants could also include organizations working to develop new medical technologies and treatments.


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For several years, Cambridge Properties, which owned the land in between Fannin and Knight and just to the north of El Paseo, and developed a building for Baylor which ultimately was used by University General Hospital, was planning to develop a three-floor medical mall topped by office space. I don't think it ever really caught on, and part of that was probably attributable to financial distress caused by Baylor, but part of that was probably because the site was too far from the core of the TMC.

Medistar has a better track record than Cambridge, but even then, if you go to Medistar's website, you can see all these renderings for buildings that have been "proposed" for downtown, the TMC, and others, and I'd stumbled into them four years ago. So I'd say that this is anybody's guess.

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