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Do You Live In A Good Zip Code?


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...Finally found a good website/tool that anyone who is looking at buying a home should consult, IMO. This is not an endorsement for this site, but just the general function/data comparison it provides.

Ever wonder what the median age, income level, education level, poverty level, occupation, etc was for your zip code? Even better - what about zip codes adjacent to yours? You can get a good idea of just how good (or bad) your neighborhood/zip really is, especially in relation to other near-by zips.


This web site is based off of US Census data. Last census was 2000. Obviously, a lot has changed, especially in the inner loop, with new townhomes going into places where angels feared to tread, at least by 2000 census standards. When the 2010 census comes out, it will be really interesting to see if all that development in "transitional areas" will be enough to significantly change the demographics/stats of those areas. Everyone wants retail, and these are the kind of statistics, among other factors, that will be examined by businesses when they make their decisions on exactly what type of retail - if any - goes into a particular area.

Anyone have other good "dig" websites similar to this one that gives the (statistical) scoops on neighborhoods, crime, schools, and/or other factors a home buyer would find valuable (beyond realtor comps, beyond hcad, beyond chron.com)?

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