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Stewart Beach Redevelopment

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I was cruuising the Galveston Daily News and among the 10 or so other 'proposed' developments on the Island, saw this high rise proposal for Stewart beach planning four 30 story towers as part of the "Stewart Beach Redevelopment District." I don't live in Galveston, but I'm down there quite a bit and have never heard of it. Anyone have any info on this?

Here's a excerpt from the article.

...unveiled plans for four 30-story buildings at the end of a boardwalk the Galveston Park Board of Trustees wants to build at the city-owned park. Miner claims the towers are necessary to entice developers to fund the boardwalk, a public-private partnership the park board covets. Miner, who owns a tract at the end of Avenue L south of Seawall Boulevard, began working on plans for what he calls the Stewart Beach Redevelopment District 18 months ago....


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^ I SERIOUSLY doubt that's a reality.  4 towers?  Here on the isle?  People down here fight things like that with every ounce of their being.


Probably conceptual work.  Plus that would kill Stewart Beach and that would hurt the island to some extent.  Besides, if there is warrented need for 4+ highrises we would have probably seen at least one being proposed elsewhere.


I would like to see some effort made to make the Seawall = Broadway connection more viable and stronger, but doubt something of this scale happens down here.


Maybe a 10-12 floor hotel and a 20 or so floor tower, but not as many as are proposed... though I would like to see that happen or at least get pushed along.

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^ There are always plans lurking about...  But how serious those plans are remains to be seen.


I worded for a very large firm in downtown a few years ago and you should have seen some of the conceptual work and proposals that came through.  Very nice stuff, but sadly very little of it every turned into a real project.

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Oh, forgot to add... Tilman's just going to put the slots in the convention center on Seawall when gambling passes.  That's all.  He'll have them up and running 24 hours after the ordinance allows it.  And when that happens in the next 10 or so years Galveston will boom with hotel construction.

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A stretch of beach in Galveston, which has for years been the subject of off-again, on-again plans for development, could have a boardwalk-like atmosphere, including pavilions, a dog park and a roller rink, according to a plan by the Park Board presented Tuesday.

The Park Board’s plan, first reported by The Galveston County Daily News, includes not only public uses, such as volleyball courts, on the beachfront property but also some retail space and a parking garage.

The Houston Chronicle reported in August that both private and public officials were looking closely at the stretch of beach late last year, with many residents concerned about the potential for high-rises on the private portion of the beach. The Park Board’s plan is distinct from a proposal the Chronicle featured that would require the city to purchase private property adjacent to the public Stewart Beach. That proposal would attempt to ensure no high-rise development.

Many proposals have come and gone, stalled when Hurricane Ike devastated the Island in 2008, followed by the recession.


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At the March 27, 2018 Park Board of Trustees meeting a concept report and drawings for a new pavilion at Stewart Beach, Galveston, TX were presented by Rogers Partners as their final deliverable from work that began in June of 2017.  Their presentation provided for the style of the building, potential materials and the overall functional aspects of the program; including operational and administrative spaces, meeting and gathering areas and potential revenue generating areas to offset the operations and maintenance of the facility. 



The Trustees unanimously moved to approve the concept report and drawings as they relate to the style, materials and programming for a new pavilion at Stewart Beach.  This endorsement will allow staff to continue moving forward with an operations, maintenance and revenue assessment in comparison to an initial construction cost estimate.









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Something I didn't know until fairly recently is Galveston's mayor back in the 1930s, Brantley Harris, had traveled along the Atlantic coast and had been very impressed by the public beaches on Long Island, NY, like Far Rockaways, Asbury Park, and specifically Jones Beach State Park. He came back to Galveston wanting something similar to these New York public beaches, and that's how we got Stewart Beach. Donald Boyce, who had been the assistant manager of Jones Beach, was brought in to supervise the construction and to manage the park

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