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Telfair Development Question


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Question for any telfair residents....

I am building in Telfair and my builder said that newland has stated that only oak trees can be planted in the front yard. is that correct? I wanted magnolias in the front. They said I would have to get a release from the developer and HOA...

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I don't live there, but my kids go to school there. That doesn't make me qualified to answer your question, but my neighborhood requires oak trees in every front yard, so I wouldn't be surprised to find the same requirement in Telfair. You could still plant a magnolia in your backyard, right?

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Yes, two oak trees, normally the live oak variety, are planted in each front yard. Sometimes this is a bit absurd, particularly on lots like my own where I am on the radius of a U shaped street. The lots on such radii tend to pie shaped, with small front yards and large back yards.

So I have two live oaks, planted no more than 10 feet apart in the front yard. As for the HOA restrictions, there are many on the type of front yard plantings. In a nutshell, the place is supposed to be like Savannah, Georgia or a similar type Atlantic Ocean facing old South city. So anything southwestern, like cactus or other succulents are a no-no in the front yard.

I'm a big gardener myself but there were plenty of plants on their list that were acceptable to me. I also have a Drake Elm in my side yard. So its not ALL oak trees. Magnolias are found in lots of front yards, but not as the focal point tree. Those are always the oaks. I see cypress, magnolias, japanese blue berries, crape myrtles, bottle brush trees, fruit trees etc.

If you want, send me a message and I'll link a copy of the HOA to you.

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