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Commute From The Woodlands To Kingwood


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I am considering taking a job in Kingwood. We currently live off 290 & Huffmiester. My husband works off 290 and Fairbanks. He does not mind the commute time as much as I do.

I was considering moving to The Woodlands and was wondering what the commute was like to Kingwood. And what is the best route?

If there are any suggestions for neighborhoods that are better for both our commute times I am open to your ideas.

Thank You

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242 to 1314 is the quickest, traffic levels depends on your timing. Not many routes across the San Jacinto River going that way, Depending on where in Kingwood you are going and where in the Woodlands you are moving. Some people in the Rayford/Sawdust area prefer to go Hardy to 1960 and back up. His Commute will be more pleasent than yours IMHO.

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Yes, the best way from The Woodlands to Kingwood is 242 to 1314. The traffic is a heck of a lot lighter. The Woodlands to Kingwood via 1960 to 59 is only 4 miles further. When I go to Kingwood, I take 1314. It's rural and is very dark at night, but not bad.

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