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Frame House On Flickr


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That's an incredible collection of photographs!

I still need a "front" of The Frame House more than an interior. I think a closeup of the entry would work or the angle from the cover of the Houston Mod catalog (garage). I don't really like to do the back of the house for the website because it may bring up privacy issues. It's hard to know if DH knows or approves of those shots being online, even though the house was in ads for rent so I have very similar shots saved on my computer already.

And yes, it is a magnificent home. One of the best designs in Texas, and set in an amazing location. It's Harwood Taylor's residential masterpiece.



I get the feeling this guy lives in Houston and is probably a regular poster on HAIF, but don't know who he is.

Jason, could you use those for the website?

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This flikr account (especially the frame house and texas mod section) makes my stomach tingle. I think that means I <3 MCM more than Tuscan or Prairie. I shiver at the thought of living in a house like this or the one I posted a while back in Rancho Mirage.

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i can only wish.

I suppose I'll dig up a few spare quarters and go pay my idiot tax tonight. If the man upstairs wants me to have that house, he'll make sure the plastic balls line up correctly. If they do, I'm putting an offer on that house tomorrow.

Everyone cross your fingers for me.

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That was the most fabulous mod I've ever been in. I grew up loving mod's and can say that house is always what I've pictured as my dream house. To me it gets no better than terrazzo bath tubs, terrazzo stair cases, walls that are really doors that disquise other rooms. When I entered the front door, I had no idea that I was still outside ! How great is that ?!

Since 2.9 million is not even almost in my budget, I'll remain happy in my Glenbrook Mod. When I grow up maybe I can afford more....but I'm 47 so maybe not :(

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