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Giving Back To The Forum Thanks


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I have been reading/lurking in this forum for a couple of months now and have lost many hours here! >:) I found a ton of interesting places to go and look at that I never knew existed. I have been going out (when my work permits it) at night and snapping some photos of many of these places. With my particular job, I have the ability to go places that many cannot. My focus is mainly on night time pictures, since that's when most of my spare time occurs. I plan on adding to this thread as time permits so that more places can be seen.

First off is the Flower Man at 2305 Francis.




Next, we have the Hillendahl Cemetery at 8325 Long Point in the parking lot of a Firestone!




And then there is the old Preston tunnel for the electric railroad. It has been backfilled.



Ok, one more for the day.....the recently opened Houston Airport terminal out by Hobby Airport.


I hope you all like the night shots, they are a little different perspective than many are used to. I will post some more as time permits.


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Another way to giving back to the forum (and not that Editor is endorsing this, nor has any knowledge of this so far due to TOS), is to to occasionally click on an Ad that you find "interesting" every once in awhile, like a day or so.

Support your local HAIF. :)

PS to Ed: I miss those game ads. :(

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I'm sorry, I forgot my manners. The pictures are pretty darned good for night shots.

Are you just using the flash on the camera? What kind of flash is it? it looks like it could have illuminated a good portion of that block and allowed planes to land.

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Yes, I used to have it on my good camera before it got broken. What happens is the shutter opens and gets all the background light first, then it flashes before it closes so it can get the focal point like the building and or people in the shot. It is pretty cool how it works. I wish I knew more about taking pictures. I would love to take pictures of local architecture.

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And here are some more.....these are all available light photographs with some or a lot of flashlight depending on how much other light was out there.

This is the bridge to nowhere at the end of Park Place and Old Galveston Road.




Of course, the place I always went to as a kid and now it's just wasting away, is a Malibu Grand Prix / Castle Golf that is at Loop 610 and Old Katy Road.


A lone bumper boat.....






I still think this is one of my favorite buildings in all of Houston. If only it wasn't at 4819 Harrisburg and falling apart.....



Then there is the Jacintoport Ordnance Depot from WWII. This was one of the neatest finds I found here on HAIF. It is found just off the road on Appelt and JacintoPort BLVD in east Houston. Some are even open and mostly graffiti free. These are right off the road.





Thats all for this post. Thanks again for the comments!

I wish I knew more about taking pictures. I would love to take pictures of local architecture.

I have found that you just have to get out there and try it. It is the only way you get any better. Once I learned how to work manual mode on my Canon it's just a matter of leaving the shutter open longer to get the night pictures.

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I can always use a little of Lennons wisdom.

In the spirit of love only, not correction.

John Lennon, from the Playboy Interviews, September 1980, commenting on the lyrics to "The End":

"That's Paul again, the unfinished song, right?...He had a line it- 'The love you take is equal to the love you make' -which is a very cosmic, philosophical line. Which again proves that if he wants to , he can think."

Classic Lennon quote. "The End", of course, is credited to both he and Paul, but written solely by McCartney.

In tribute to John:"Limitless undying love which shines around me like a million suns. It calls me on and on across the universe."

(Written solely by John but again credited to both)

Oh, and thanks again for those incredible night shots, Plastic Man.

"And when the night is cloudy, there is still a light that shines on me"

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So all of those go-carts and other items are just wasting away under the weather?

I wonder how they let you on the property? Sure would like to take the castle on top!

and your right its ashame that building is wasting away daily over on Harrisburg. There are some true old Victorians tucked just behind it too.

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This thread is incredible. Thank you for posting these - these kinds of shots are RIGHT up my alley, and I know I speak for many HAIFers. I look forward to frequenting this thread. BTW, those celebration station shots are out of this world. I frequented there as a kid, too.

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Next up is the Olivewood Cemetery located behind Grocer's supply in the Heights. It's supposedly one of Houston's oldest black cemeteries and it does have some old stuff in it. It seems it was overgrown for years and only recently was pruned up a bit. There are some really neat headstones out there.


There is a lot of extraneous light out here from the Grocer's supply that backs up to the cemetery.


This next one used three different colors of light to get the effect here.


The next one had these really cool lions on either side of the angel that made this whole section stand out. I used a yellow light for the colored effect.


and finally this one, I especially liked the finger pointing to the sky. It seems like back then, tombstones were much more expressive with sayings, bible quotes, and other really interesting comments.


Moving on to more silly stuff. I had heard about all these crazy signs that the tv news was talking about so I swung by and snapped a couple of pictures. The post is over here if you are interested in reading about it.


As far as this one, someone is going to have to explain to me the whole "Day-time" and "night-time" different building reasoning to me.


Alright enough bandwidth draining for now....


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Wow, ISureDid, do you work at the downtown library, in the Texas room. :lol: You find these articles so quickly! Keep up the good work. And MeltedPlastic, you are very talented. Your Flicker site is amazing, as well. Thanks for giving back. The electric railway tunnel was interesting. The old airport terminal is restored! Great pic w/moon. I used to work across from it, when it stood for years in decay. Had another wing, on right, running west, must have been a later addition. About the pic of the Park Place/OGR bridge, at one time it ran down to a picnic grounds. :wub: the Harrisburg Art Deco Bldg.

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As far as this one, someone is going to have to explain to me the whole "Day-time" and "night-time" different building reasoning to me.


Alright enough bandwidth draining for now....


It seems like Night-Time Bingo is more popular. I guess Daytime Bingo features seniors, kids, and simple prizes, while the night-time bingo features the high-stakes, mafia-run, pay-up-or-we-break-your-legs type bingo parlor.

Or not. :mellow:

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These were with a Canon Rebel XT, 8 MP.

Hi MeltedPlastic,

I think your images are fantastic. How do I get to your Flickr images?

I have a blog, in addition to my Flickr location that I post for this site, where I have many of my own photos which are of a little different genre. Here's a link to it:


I have done lots of large format black & white film images.

CampLogan1917 :ph34r:

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