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Awesome looking tower.    

Blue Angels flyover, from M+A.  

One of my favorite buildings going up right now.          

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I'm really confused by this one.  I have worked on a number of mid - high rise concrete framed buildings but they all had metal pan stairs.  Is it becoming common to use precast for the central core egress stairs?  Obviously this is a tragic accident and when installed correctly the system should be no better or worse than another, I am just curious if this is a new design approach or something tried and true.

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It is just so crazy to think that all 13 stories of stairs collapsed on each other...and now they are having to take a crane to the roof to remove the wreckage to find the 3 lost... 

wow...i pray that this all gets resolved soon so the families can begin to heal.

and this company that is building this...where do they go from here? definitely @tangledwoods knows more than i do...but obviously they are going to have to go about this a new way if they are even able to keep the contract and the job. I can imagine there is going to be a huge impact to them financially when this is all said and done with. 

and again, prayers for absolutely everyone concerned in this horrible accident


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OMG this is so tragic and extremely sad.  I'm so sorry for the loss to each of their families.  Someone said it above and I agree "can 2020 END soon enough already..."  My prayers are with the loved ones today as they learn of this and now must deal with the loss at this difficult time in the World, and now in their own lives.  God Bless you all.

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