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Sam's Boat On FM 518 In Pearland


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Has anyone tried this new restaurant in Pearland? How's the atmosphere/food?

I did not even know that they were already open. Will have to try them.

I think they really missed on the location; Next to Bass Pro Shop on the Promenade or the Waterlight District would have been a much better place for them.

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ate there a week ago. they are experiencing new opening chaos. the food took an hour to get, and it was COLD. the management comped our meal before we could even complain. the server was gracious so we tipped her generously. the food quality was not anything i'd break my neck to return for. the place was full(Tuesday night) and had a great mix of couples, families, singles. The bar is separate enough that it does not feel like you are hanging out at a bar like environment, if you have your family with you.

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