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Interstate Mobility Project - I69

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This huge project has been in the making since 2004. Now the state is getting serious and will begin hearings in Feb 2008. Highway 59 will be used as the backbone corridor to provide transportation across Texas all the way to the border. It will give us Texans better mobility to Mexico, to the north and many points in between. It will also provide a means to move traffic through the Houston region. It is unclear now how this new freeway will skirt around Houston. It is a good bet that it will not route over the downtown area. I suppose we will see more details soon.


I69 Information Site

I have not looked elsewhere in the archicture forum to see if this subject is being discussed elsewhere.

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In Texas, I-69 planning has become part of the Trans-Texas Corridor (TTC) studies. This part of the TTC, called I-69/TTC, includes I-69 and all of its spurs authorized by Congress. It will extend from three border crossings, at Laredo, McAllen, and Brownsville, along US 59, US 281, and US 77 towards Victoria. After the three branches join, I-69 will continue along the general US 59 corridor past Houston to Carthage, where it will turn easterly to Louisiana. Around Houston, I-69 may use the Grand Parkway (SH 99) around the west side. A planned branch continues north on US 59 to Texarkana. Most of the proposed I-69 route in Texas already exists as 4-lane highways, with several long freeway segments around Houston, Brownsville, and Laredo.
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I support it as it's a welcomed relief for me as I drive from Houston to Shreveport alot...your forced to drive though small towns and stop too often...

some towns have embraced it and have built freeway quality roads already in anticipation

That's so funny. I drive to Shreveport a lot as my grandparents live there (Keithville). We take 45 to 242 and then over to 59. 59 all the way to loop 223 (I think) in Nachadoches and then Highway 7 into Logansport. Is that the way you go? You'd go through the towns of Diboll, Lufkin, Center, Garrison...ect.

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I now live in Ruston but Shreveport is like a thriving metropolis to me..lol

I've experimented with several ways in my travels to cut down on time and to maximize cell phone service (Sprint)...I used to live off the Beltway and 249 and I took 59 directly from there but I took 242 to 59 once and that drive was long...

I've driven 59 to Hwy 7 into Logansport and Mansfield and then into Shreveport...that route was too long for me in my opinion and it's alot of two-way traffic which can make the drive long depending on who is in front of you..not great for Sprint service

I've taken 59 to 79 to 20 into Shreveport....nice route..consistent 4 lanes but cell phone service dies out past Appleby outside Nacogdoches...only drawback is that you hit Timpson, Garrison, Tenaha outside of Nacogdoches and they are speed traps

A way I love and easy for you to speed is this....59 to 259 in Nacogdoches (Henderson exit)...once you hit Mt. Enterprise on 259, you take Hwy 3 hundred something and its direct shot to Carthage and Highway 79...saves you about 30 minutes in my opinion and great roads...

I also ventured on I-45 and went to Shreveport through Crockett and cut through some small town to hit Mt. Enterprise and then Carthage...

On average...if everything is flowing and you can hit 80 or so consistently...you can get to Shreveport in about 3 hours...on average it's 3.5 hours...

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