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Anyone else see this house on the front page of the Chronicle's Sunday real estate section?

8 Remington

If money was no object and I could live anywhere in Houston, Shadyside would be probably be at the top of the list. They're asking more than twice what HCAD has the property appraised at, but how often do houses in Shadyside come on the market, anyway?

10 Remington sits on an even bigger chunk of land - a staggering four acres right in the heart of the Museum District. The aerial view from Google Maps is impressive, to say the least.

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LOL LOL LOL Look at the picture of the realtor in that listing!! She just has this huge TEE-HEE-HEE-I'M-GETTING-6%-OF-EIGHT-MEEEEEELION DOLLARS look on her face. Priceless!

But seriously....incredible house and grounds. Puts most of what's in River Oaks to shame!

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I always want to follow the UPS man into shadyside to look around :)


I followed a car in once when I was on my bicycle (it was actually the AIA tour day and I was coming from the Robertson house). But then I was afraid I couldn't get back out so I chickened out and and left before the gate closed. Plkk, plkk, plkk, I know! :P

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OT question. Why is the street that runs off Bissonet towards Shadyside called W 11th Place?

It looks like it was the name of the little area (the neighborhood is NE Turner) from the block book (and HCAD), but from the block book map it looks like Bissonnet was 11th, and a street south of it was 12th:


The lower 1925 Sanborn map, though, shows W 11th Place as Virginia St. (and Waverly Ct. as Wilmuth):


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