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Southwest Corner Of Barker Cypress And Jarvis


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I am a resident of Coles Crossing and really want to know if anyone has information on the development of this cleared land. It has been cleared and graded, with a detention pond, for about a year now with no sign of construction. The county is doing some drainage and road work on Jarvis, but I wouldn't think it would be enough to deter the development of the land.

This could really turn out badly for Cole's or be a huge asset to the subdivision if done properly (walkable retail with tastelull landscape design). I really wish Cole's management would purchase the land or at least attempt to work diligently with the developer so that it turns out well for everyone.

There are no for-sale signs that I can see. Does anyone have any tips for researching developments or any insider information to share??? Thanks in advance!

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I had seen a site plan on this forum several months ago. I think the plan showed a hospital in that location.

The Hospital (Christus) will be built on the other side of Cypress Creek (behind the Sonic). I believe that's a Read-King Development.

It really pissed me off when I saw them clearcutting that property at BC and Jarvis. There were a lot of really nice big old trees there. Much nicer than whatever crap they're going to put in.

On a secondary note, what about that property near the intersection of Telge & Huffmeister. The one where they were going to build dozens of individual built to own professional buildings/offices? After grading and laying the street and utilities, they now have a "for sale" sign on the property. Guess they ran out of loot. Looks like it would be well-suited for the original purpose, or for Patio or Townhomes.

Wreckless spec developers ought to be strung up by area residents. Nobody wants them.

It appears Coles Crossing has now formed a Master Planning group that will oppose this sort of thing I'd like to see the other neighborhoods and concerned residents band together to make it known that this kind of stuff isn't welcome around here.

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Thanks CDeb,

They have started to level and flag an area on the back of the property (toward the creek along Jarvis). The area they have marked is very small, so perhaps it has to do with utilities and not the foundation for development.

I gave some input to the Cole's Master Plan committee but havent heard anything back... I doubt they would have the power or the funds to do anything about the development but oh well, it is worth a shot.

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Just heard through the grapevine that this is a Read King development and was scheduled to be a strip mall with a Valero gas station on the corner. This plan was scrapped due to the size of the lot. This sounds like my worst fears may be confirmed.

I sent an email to the Coles Crossing Master Plan Committee to see if there are avenues we can pursue to alter the development so that it may be both aesthetically appealing and commercially successful. We will see...

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Talk about unecessary.

Another friggin' strip center. Another friggin' gas station.

Don't want it. Don't need it.

Read-King: Please come up with something better than this.

...and lastly, I would imagine there are some sort of rules or prohibitions about building a gas station so close to a creek. I would raise a major stink about that.

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You have to think also, that no-one would get gas there. I mean, the gas stations for HEB and Randalls are less than a half a mile away on the same road. They are generally cheaper, they are closer to the highway so passers through will go there, and they are right next to the grocery stores that residents frequent. So tell me, who is supposed to fill up at this proposed gas station???? Do developers think about these things?????

Anyway, that plan is supposedly scrapped, so lets all hope for something better. I still think that land, and the way it has creek frontage on two sides, is absolutely perfect for a park. Hopefully the residents of Cole's will get some input here....

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Just an update, I was put in contact with a firm representing the owners of this parcel of land. They told me that there are no current plans for it and that Reed King will market it for them, but they are currently focusing on the Barker's Crossing (aka HEB and pad sites) development. They said the development will depend largely on who shows interest there...this leads me to believe Cole's Crossing may have a chance here....

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This is a very old post but since this site is now under development and a significant amount of dirt is being moved, I'm eager to determine the construction intent here. As a resident of Cole's, it's obvious we should all be anxious to discover what is planned for this site. 


I've narrowed down the legal owner to R E D Cypress Creek LTD and the legal description to Jarvis Levy Center. Keep in mind this is not a "levee" as one might hope, going for flood control, but "Levy", the real estate investors Danny and Ray by the same name who own the larger Unilev Captial Corp, a real estate investment firm from Beverly Hills which owns and / or operates millions of SF of property in major metro areas. This is one of hundreds of investments in their portfolio and R E D is also one of hundreds of partnerships or LLC's they have in their umbrella. 


I've located plans for the previous detention project which bid in late 2014 as I thought this work may be an extension of the same. This area was addressed as 16400 Jarvis (I'm confident this was Reserve A2 and A3 under the same account number in partnership with MUD#10.) while the current project has a Barker-Cypress address per signage around the property. The tract is noted in HCAD as account number 135.793.001.0001 and has several other "reserves" associated with this same parcel. As always, they've sectioned off the 1-acre corner site which will likely be developed at a later day. Needless to say, Whiting Turner, the general contractor actively running the project has no signage present displaying what is to come and it's not listed on their website as a current or awarded project. 


After looking at the engineers website which did the previous project, I tried to locate any other descriptive identities for this property and have done extensive searching to try to clarify this project. Does anyone have any exclusive news? 

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  • The title was changed to Southwest Corner Of Barker Cypress And Jarvis

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