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20 Waterway Avenue: Office Building For The Woodlands


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Construction To Begin Soon On 20 Waterway Avenue


New building overlooking Waterway Square to house four restaurants

Construction will soon begin on 20 Waterway Avenue, a new building planned to house four restaurants in The Woodlands Town Center. Designed by Frank Lucas of Baltimore, MD, the building will be bordered by The Woodlands Waterway

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Would that be at the corner of Lake Robbins and Woodlock Forest?

no. it's surrounded by 24 waterway (13 stories under construction) on the north, waterway avenue on the west, waterway square on the east (pictured) and the woodlands waterway on the south. if you walk out the door of goose's acre or americas (21 waterway ave) you'll be facing 20 waterway avenue.

woodlands commercial website

click on town center, then waterway square district.

there are pics at the bottom of the waterway square district page. 20 waterway is/will be to the left in both pictures.

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Anyone know when Americas is going to open up?

My husband has eaten at the Americas near the Galleria and said it was wonderful.

it is wonderful. they are taking catering orders now. i seem to remember a march date, but don't quote me on it. the interior is going to be amazing.

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I just remembered that the owner of the Red Cat Jazz Cafe mentioned building another location outside the current one downtown and the new location opening in the Houston Pavillions. The Woodlands (where he lives) was said to be part of his expansion. I would like to know if and where it will happen.

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So, Grimaldi's will be occupying two levels at 20 Waterway Avenue.

The Lowest level has direct access (should they put in a door) to the waterway fountain, as well as the "1st" floor which has street level access.

They are hoping to open in July, 2009.

Speaking of Pizza, another Italian Food service is expected to be opening in Market Square - Pizza by Marco this summer.

Pizza by Marco is a long time standard in the DWF area.

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  • The title was changed to 20 Waterway Avenue: Office Building For The Woodlands

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